Oscar Ome's Elipso

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You may remember a recent carbonic macerated micro-lot by familiar producer Oscar Ome from Huila, Colombia. This coffee has a very similar profile to the previous micro-lot that portrayed characteristics of red wine, however, it came out far fruitier than its fermented counterpart.

The aromatics of these beans are wild and will fill your entire house with a captivating deep red-fruit scent once ground. The coffee is fermented using ellipsoideus yeast, resulting in an even more extensive process when compared to the previous micro-lot. The reacting flavor profile is yet another very complex and interesting coffee. 

We found this darker medium roast very approachable considering the level of complexity and the varying fruity notes that can be found. We believe the best method of preparation to be a Hario V60 Pour Over, but the interesting flavors can emerge from your trusty electric coffee maker as well (which doesn’t always happen)!