COSDECOL Direct Impact Coffee

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50% of profits will be donated directly to COSDECOL!


COSDECOL has been a central point of inspiration since the beginning of our business in October 2020. Founder, Mark Wittig has dedicated his life to serving the underserved communities of Medellin, Colombia, through the game of soccer.

In 1985, a year when Medellin was deemed the murder capital of the world, Mark moved to Medellin to change lives. He found that his love for soccer could be a way to do just that. Starting by playing pick up games of soccer in a park, Mark began to build a reputation with children, many of whom lacked a father figure due to the drug cartel violence.

To date the program has impacted over 40,000 children, opened the doors for 26 players to study abroad in the US and supports a full time staff of 57.

COSEDECOL has had a tremendous impact on my life, the life of thousands of Colombian children and the former muder capital of the world, Medellin, Colombia. Our hope is that through this coffee we are able to provide direct support to COSDECOL and help them become a self-sustaining organization.


The Coffee

Through our sister company Amarella Cafe, in Medellin, Colombia, we have partnered with COSDECOL to bring you quality specialty coffee that will have a direct impact. We will donate 50% of our proceeds of the sales of these coffees directly to COSDECOL to allow them to continue shaping a future for the children of Medellin and beyond.  

COSDECOL Regional is a typical rich, chocolatey, full bodied coffee without the bite.

COSDECOL Premium is a beautifully balanced coffee with notes of chocolate and tropical fruit sweetness - perfect for a pour over, electric coffee maker, or even an espresso.

COSDECOL Specialty is a specialty Colombian coffee highlighting the complex nature of a high altitude coffee. This cup will be brighter and fruitier than most, while maintaining the rich chocolatey undertones often found in a Colombian coffee.