Cordova Natty

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This coffee also comes from our sourcing partners, Sereno Moreno Café, based out of Guadalajara, MX. They highlight a new coffee region every month to help create pride in Mexican coffee. This coffee truly lives up to the category "unique & surprising". At first sip, you get a cherry bomb with a maple syrup finish. The natural honey process combined with a light roast gives you a sweet, medium body with low acidity. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, the Cordova Natty is right up your alley.


Country: Mexico
Region: Vera Cruz
Latitude: 19.2602°N
Varieties: Sarchimor, Colombia
Roast: Light
Flavor: Cherry Pie, Maple Syrup
Altitude: 4,593 ft.
Processing: Natural Honey






Unique & Surprising