Thoughtfully sourced from the best-growing regions of Latin America, Cosecha del Sur is a great way to start your day by exploring the world of specialty coffee.


Fall into the vibrant story of each sip.

Warm up your mornings with the delicate story woven into every cup of Cosecha Del Sur Coffee. Our mission is simple. We want to bring the origin to you, connecting you to the amazing places, cultures, and people that produce our coffee.


We are Here Every Step of the Way

From the Farm to you Table

We have invested in every step of the supply chain so that you can experience the journey with us.


On our very own farm, Finca La Familia in Jayaque, El Salvador, we grow various varietals and produce both natural coffees as well as exotic processes that compete in the El Salvador Cup of Excellence. Our farm directly supports 6 families in Jayaque.  


We directly source from the finest coffee farms in Latin America. We don't depend on burdensome 3rd party certificates but rather take the time and diligence to understand the producers needs and negotiate contracts that will have lasting impacts of their businesses and families. These farms hand select every cherry at the optimal maturation.


We mill our coffees at our own mill in Medellin, Colombia. Every batch is traceable back to the producing farm and carefully milled, processed, and packaged for export all over the world.

Exporting and Importing

We export coffees from Latin America and import in the top consuming countries all over the world. This gives us a unique view on both the production and consumption markets and allows us to bring a unique experience directly to you.


We roast every batch of coffee to its optimal roast level to extract the finest sensorial qualities. To us, coffee is not a commodity, but a story that needs to be told.

Wholesale and Distribution

We sell online and deliver nationwide from our warehouse in Fort Worth, Texas. We also partner with businesses of all sizes to craft a custom coffee that offers premium quality coffee experience that everyone would enjoy.

Connecting cultures through coffee since 2020

Our customers have fallen in love with the unique coffees that we source and roast. Through experiencing different countries, regions, varietals, processing methods, and more, you are able to truly explore the world of Latin American coffees and learn with every sip!


The finest flavors you can find

From dark and bold to light and citrusy, we have a coffee for every coffee lover to dive into and begin the experience.


This coffee comes from our sourcing partners, Sereno Moreno Café, based out of Guadalajara, MX. They highlight a new coffee region every month to help create pride in Mexican coffee. For this cup, the natural process combined with a light roast brings out a sweet, fruity flavor with a deep body that is typical of Mexican coffee.


Yumbo Blend

This is the coffee that started it all. Our friend, Lilly Gutierrez was the original inspiration to start Cosecha del Sur. This coffee is a blend of three neighboring farms in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. As a dark roasted coffee, it highlights notes of dark chocolate with a touch of toffee sweetness resulting in a strong and bold cup.


Finca Churupampa Organic 

This coffee is super creamy with a nutty and chocolatey taste from the first sip. As the coffee cools, it carries a subtle sweetness through to the finish. The combined experience with this coffee is very enjoyable and almost gives the illusion of eating a chocolate/peanut butter candy bar.


La Estrella 

An extremely easy-to-drink coffee suitable at all times, but especially post-lunch. It acts as a mellow version of the Peruvian Finca Churupampa The acidity is almost non-detectable at first sip due to its smoothness and a subtle sweetness, while the finish is chocolatey and nutty. 


La Estrella Espresso 

This year's lot of Nicaragua La Estrella works particularly well as a creamy and sweet shot of espresso with notes of maple and dark chocolate. Nicaragua La Estrella is comprised of coffee from producers in different municipalities around Nueva Segovia such as Macuelizo, San Fernando, Mozonte and Jalapa.


Manos de Mujer 

A really simple cup that doesn't come across as terribly complex, however, there is a fruity sweetness that comes out of this coffee that makes it really pleasant. The parallel that my palate draws is a dark hot chocolate with a medium body.


Finca La Familia

This coffee is what makes us different. Just over a year ago, we purchased our very own farm and we could not be more excited to deliver this coffee to you! This naturally processed coffee has a medium-heavy body with predominant notes of chocolate and a very nice sweet fruity aroma. To us, this coffee tastes especially good considering it is quite literally the fruits of our labor!


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