Green Coffee

Cosecha del Sur imports Latin American mico-lot and single estate coffees that only exhibit the most inherent qualities of coffee from each country or region. All of our purchases are done directly with the farms and we regularly conduct origin visits with our roaster clients.






Finca del Gualanday

Location: Yumbo, Valle del Cauca
Leader: Everaudro Cubis



Finca Cubis

Location: Sevilla, Valle del Cauca
Leader: Everaudro Cubis



Cafe de Julia

Location: Tulua, Valle del Cauca
Leader: Nicholas


Cafe Bici

Location: San Augustin, Huila
Leader: Felipe


Specials Coffee

Location: Sevilla, Valle del Cauca
Leader: Eduardo


Cielo Tostado

Location: Jerico, Antioquia
Leader: Sara


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