Finca de Gualanday - Colombia

Finca de Gualanday

This cornerstone coffee inspired me to take a leap of faith and start this company. The farm (or finca) is located just outside of Cali, Colombia and is owned by my good freind Lilliana Gaveria. Lilliana is an architect by trade but her passion and desire to improve the lives of the people around her drove her to purchase this small farm, which has an incredible view of the sugar cane fields below.


The Coffee 

The coffee from this farm is so unique and special. It has a very light body and only a hint of acidity with a sweet, sugar taste and an aftertaste of light chocolate.  Ask my wife, I tried this coffee once and could not stop talking about it! I highly recommend you drink this coffee black, as there is a heavy sense of sweetness inherent to the bean that you do not want to mask with cream, milk, or sugar. That being said, do whatever you want! 

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