Finca La Julia F6

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This coffee is nice and clean with a milk chocolatey body, mango-like sweetness, and a smooth honey aftertaste that lingers on the back of the tongue. As the coffee cools, it holds a subtle graham cracker like sweetness through the finish. The medium body makes it a great option for an electric drip coffee machine.

Finca La Julia

Finca La Julia is located in Trujillo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia and is run by Nicolas O'Campo and his sister, Carolina. This was one of the very first coffees that we direct sourced.

The thing that struck me is the attention to detail and scientific approach that they take to their coffee production. The farm works tirelessly to maintain its Rainforest Alliance Certification, which in my opinion may be one of the most impactful certifications that exists. The F6 varietal was bred in Colombia in the 1960's to be a highly productive and resistant to leaf-rust (La Roya) disease that has plagued the coffee industry over the last 50 years. I chose this coffee because of its balance and I think our drinkers will really enjoy their first taste of Finca La Julia!