Milagros Geisha

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This limited release will only last a few weeks as we were only able to get our hands on a very small amount! This Geisha from Colombia is the most chocolate-forward coffee we have released to date. The cup starts with a silky mouthfeel, similar to hot chocolate, and finishes with some notes of lemony citrus. 



Milagros Geisha

Region: Huila
Latitude: 1.9090 N
Roast: Medium
Flavor: Rich chocolate, tropical fruit, lemon
Altitude: 5,250 - 5,900 ft.
Processing: Washed
Varieties: Geisha

About the Source:

This special 'Milagros' (miracle!) washed Geisha microlot comes from 17 small producers in different areas of Huila. These producers are situated at altitudes between 1,600 and 1,800masl throughout the municipalities of Pitalito, Palestina, Acevedo and Timana.

Harvest is carried out selectively and by hand, to pick the cherries at the optimum point of maturation. The cherries are de-pulped on the same day and then fermented in cement tanks for between 28 and 40 hours, depending on climatic conditions and the altitude of the farm. The coffee is then manually washed twice, a departure from the traditional Colombian washed process which includes 3 washes. After washing, the parchment coffee is dried in parabolic greenhouses for 12-20 days depending on ambient conditions. 

The Huila region is well known for its coffee quality, but also for being the first historical department in Colombia to begin coffee production. Farmers in Huila are very quality-conscious. Their crops receive a lot of care and attention and they tend to be the most pioneering when it comes to embracing new processing and farming methods. The most relevant municipalities for coffee in Huila are: Pitalito, Garzón, Gigante, San Agustín, La Plata, Paicol, Acevedo, among others. Huila coffee represents 18% of Colombian production. It is always in high demand and is often preferred as a single-origin offering for its balance of acidity and sweetness.

The Huilan landscape is dominated by volcanos and mountains, providing a rich terroir of high altitude and fertile soils and offering a wide range of ecosystems where coffee can be grown. There are producing farms ranging from 1500 m.a.s.l. up to 2.300 m.a.s.l., conferring great attributes to the cup profile such as bright acidity and characteristic sweet notes.