La Concordia Organic

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This coffee highlights why I love Mexican coffee. There is so much that comes out of the cup as the temperature changes. The body remains on the heavy side of medium, followed by a medley of fruity and chocolaty flavors that linger in the mouth long after the sip is over. The drinker is going to encounter rich chocolate flavors while also tasting notes of fruity sugars and a finish with a flash of citrus flavor. I view some of the Mexican coffees, especially from the southern state of Chiapas, as hidden gems. They are often overlooked by other popular origins that have made strong regional marketing efforts over the years. As a true believer that food and drink have a special ability to tell a cultural story through the medium of flavors, I believe this coffee complements the rich Mexican culture, food, terrain, and all that the country has to offer.  

Country: México
Region: Chiapas
Latitude: 16.1148° N 
Roast: Medium
Flavor: Chocolate, Ripe Fruits, Citrus
Altitude: 3,937 ft.
Processing: Washed 






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