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Gift the taste of El Salvador this holiday season with Finca La Familia Coffee. From our small 15-acre farm in Jayaque, each bean is sustainably grown and handpicked by the three families who live and work on our land. Your purchase supports their craft and livelihood. Share a cup of our story with someone special.


About Our Farm

Finca La Familia is a jewel nestled at 1200 meters above sea level in the lush landscapes of Jayaque, El Salvador. This century-old farm cultivates exquisite coffee varieties—Pacamara, Bourbon, and Cuscatleco—using natural processes on African drying beds and engaging in experimental fermentations that distinguish their flavor.

The farm's name, which honors the strong team dynamic and sense of unity, resonates with the commitment to its people. Workers at Finca La Familia earn 60% more than the standard pay for agricultural labor, receiving benefits that include medical care, social security, and vacation—attesting to the farm's dedication to social sustainability.

The harvest is a meticulous labor of love; each bean is handpicked at peak maturity, selected based on cherry pH content, and dried on raised African beds for around 15 days. The cherries are then stored to enhance their qualities before milling. In a final touch of quality control, each bean of "green coffee" is hand-selected, ensuring that only the finest make it to the cup, while the rest find their place with larger commercial brands.

Finca La Familia takes pride in the hardships and triumphs of coffee farming, inviting each sipper to appreciate the uniqueness of enjoying a brew directly from the grower's hands. They stand out in the coffee community, not only for their product's singular journey from farm to cup but also for their genuine care for the land and the families that cultivate it. This holiday season, Finca La Familia offers more than a cup of coffee—it offers a story of passion, care, and resilience.